Taking Tevye’s Advice

Christmas really is about traditions is it not? For at least 10 years (or more), we make gnocchis for Christmas Day dinner. The same recipe that’s been passed down for multiple generations. The same recipe my Grandpa showed me when I was 8 while consistently reminding me to “remember it so I would teach my children and grandchildren someday.” And the same recipe my sisters and I made just this afternoon.

In case you were wondering, gnocchi is an Italian dish that’s really similar to potato dumplings but of course smothered in marinara sauce. It’s delicious, one of my all-time favorite meals, and today, making it in advance from scratch with my sisters just reinforced how special of a tradition it really is. Every year brings changes but a steaming, freshly cooked, tomato sauce-covered bowl of gnocchis (with meatballs of course) for dinner Christmas Day will probably stick around for a while more. It’s tradition. Don’t worry Grandpa, I’ll most definitely keep the recipe in the fam.


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