What Are the Odds?

Life is full of coincidence. A correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence, if you will (thanks Google). Isn’t it intriguing that often these coincidences are more meaningful than when something occurs by your own plan?

It’s much more fun when your favorite song happens to be on the radio as you start driving home instead of if you had intentionally selected it from your music library. Or when you’re at the coffee shop and randomly run into an old friend, an extended family member, or maybe that special someone you have your eye on. We’re caught off guard and surprised, but in a good way. We seize the moment more because it is unexpected.

Sometimes the best moments in our day aren’t planned – and that’s precisely what makes them the best.


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  1. Antonette · January 3, 2015

    Reblogged this on Reveries.


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