Great Scott!

Is it really 2015? Aren’t we supposed to have flying cars and silver suits and be living on a different planet? Hmm maybe next year.

The beginning of a new year is exciting, possibly even inspiring, but at the same time it’s just another day. It is a sort of symbol though. A reminder to let go of the past, to truly enjoy the moment, to have hope and confidence in your future. All too often we lose sight of this. No, life is not perfect, but it is ever-changing. And all we can do is enjoy every moment possible because time flies. If that’s not evident on New Years I don’t know what is.

After ringing in the new year with some great friends, I’m excited for much to come in 2015. Oh and also this is the “future” year that Back to the Future supposedly took place so that’s cool (and crazy). Happy New Year everyone, start chasing your dreams if you haven’t begun already and most importantly don’t stop. The future is now – Marty McFly knows.


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