Disconnected, yet not Disoriented

I absolutely love meeting people and maintaining an active social life. But there’s definitely something to be said about taking a day, or even just a few hours for yourself. In a world where we are constantly connected to everyone at all times, it is sort of freeing to spend time alone.

It’s when I have some of the best adventures because who’s there to stop me? Maybe I’ll drive without a destination in mind and explore a new part of town. Maybe I’ll stop in a random shop just because. Maybe I’ll dance in the rain, run towards the sunset, start a new project, listen to my favorite songs on repeat. Often I do the most reflection and have my best ideas.

Cliche as it sounds, when you’re alone it doesn’t mean you’re lonely. It’s a time to discover new things about you, gain more self-confidence, and in a way, fall in love with yourself. And I guarantee you’re happier when you genuinely love who you are.


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