Embracing Change

Change is never easy. Yet it is inevitable throughout our life, and I’d even say especially at my age. Some of my greatest changes have happened in just the past couple years – going to college, starting new jobs, and joining new student organizations to name a few.

In each scenario of course the beginning was a bit scary. We tend to have fear of the unknown, and it definitely isn’t easy to put yourself out there! But then once you do, you rarely (if ever) regret it. Of course you keep old friends and treasure past experiences, but life is all about moving forward and living in the present.

And then after 6 months, or a year, or 2 years you look back and can’t believe how much you’ve grown and matured. Maybe you were the “newbie” for a while, and of course you get out of any experience what you put in. So you worked as hard as you could, reached out to new people, started awkward small talk until you actually became friends. And now not only are you less afraid but you actually feel like a core part of the team, group, sorority, fraternity, university, company. It’s a great feeling – and you know you’ll carry these new friends and experiences into your next big change life has to offer.


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