Selfie Sunday

Sundays are sometimes – okay let’s be honest – almost always my least favorite day of the week. It can be a bit overwhelming to think of the week ahead and everything on your to-do list. While you’re worrying about that, other, larger life worries may cross your mind. And then you’re stressed, unsure, and maybe even a little depressed. Happy Sunday right?

Wrong. What might help, though, is to take some time for yourself. A “Selfie Sunday” if you will. And no, I don’t mean post a highly edited, perfectly angled picture of yourself with the far-too-often-used caption to alliteration-loving social media. I mean sit down for a second and take a deep breath. Do whatever calms you down and eases your mind. Make a list, plan your week calendar, or just start by accomplishing something small.

If the Sunday blues have you worrying about bigger issues in your life, take some time to really reflect on your feelings about your current job, family, future, or whatever it may be. Don’t dread the week ahead because you never know what positive moments it brings. Accomplish what you can on Sunday, get your thoughts together, and start the week with fresh enthusiasm. Look out, Monday!


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