Defying Gravity

As Christina Perri sings, “I’m only human,” and we as humans are bound to make mistakes. We try our best but inevitably hurt people in our path. Hopefully unintentionally and usually out of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of what is opposite from us, fear of what we think might stray us from our path to our ideal life, whatever that may be.

We hurt others and others hurt us from time to time. But most of these harmful acts can be forgiven (yes I say most), and we all know how wonderful it feels to really forgive someone. This doesn’t even mean giving them the benefit of the doubt, or saying they were right. It doesn’t mean you forget what happened. Forgiving means you now know you are independent of the harm they caused you. A rude sibling, a sneering coworker, an unfaithful partner, a dishonest friend no longer have an effect on your happiness when you’ve forgiven them.

Now this isn’t to say that to forgive everyone who hurts you is to automatically boot them out of your life, but it might mean that they are no longer your main priority. They can’t bring you down anymore (cue Wicked reference) even if they wanted to. And I’m not certain, but that’s almost the most perfect and honest sense of the word revenge there is. So go ahead and forgive when you can – it’ll be good practice for the next time.


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