Eyes on the Prize

“I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me. Now I look around and wonder if I like them.”

I came across this quote not too long ago and haven’t forgotten it since. It’s just powerful, and it’s truly a sign of maturity. In elementary school and middle school and high school and college and sadly throughout life, there is this infatuation with popularity. And while it is a great feeling to be liked, at some point you realize that it isn’t the most important.

I believe we should be the best we can be – kind, caring and giving to others as much as possible – which would usually lead to others liking us, right? But that’s just it. Let us be “liked” for who we genuinely are rather than us acting a certain way just to fit in with those around us.

I think this quote comes down to self-confidence. Be confident that you are a great person; that whether or not you are the most popular you have invaluable qualities. Be humble, but stand up for yourself. Walk into a room and find those people that believe the same, those that appreciate you for you, those that you genuinely like. And hey, best case scenario? You walk out with everyone liking you anyways. If not? You walk out just as confident as you walked in and you’re on your way to the next room.


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  1. Josh · March 24, 2015



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