I Was Here

Life never goes according to plan, does it? Just recently, a good friend of mine passed away. With death comes terrible heartbreak and sadness, but also perspective, humility, and most of all, love. Simple memories with a lost loved one become incredibly meaningful; special memories bring tears.

Isn’t it amazing how much of an impact one person can make on the world? Or better yet, just you? I’ve always been one to dream big, to want to make a difference, to want to change the world. But I think we forget sometimes what “making a difference” can really mean.

It’s all about human connection. That smile, compliment, good-humored joke, and listening ear makes all the difference. Maybe we won’t change the whole world, but we can change somebody’s world. We can change many people’s worlds. And isn’t that the goal? Well that’s my goal.

Beyoncé says it best in one of my favorite songs: “The hearts that I’ve touched will be the proof that I leave that I made a difference, and this world will see I was here.”


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