Make Your Lives Extraordinary

Anyone who knows me well knows I love adventure. I love new experiences and anything out of the ordinary. I honestly hate sitting still, and though routine can be nice, I can become bored quite easily.

This past week I went on a trip with two best friends of mine and we definitely had our fair share of adventures. We visited a total of 5 cities in 8 days (only 1 of which I had previously visited) and it was incredible! One of our last stops in a Cracker Barrel on our drive home, I found this mug and it made me stop and think:

“Love each moment.” Isn’t that what adventure is? My favorite memories from the trip aren’t necessarily the exact city I was in, but something that I experienced there. As fun as it is to travel and be in new places, it’s really who you’re with and what you make of it that counts. Any experience can really be an adventure if you let it. Seize the moment, love each moment, live adventurously today!


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