Picture This

We live in a world where our phone is seldom very far from our pockets, purses, or hands. Phone really meaning miniature computer, of course. But as far as it’s most important and possibly most valued function these days? The camera.

We take pictures of everything. Events, nights out, family gatherings, skylines, selfies, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets, food…seriously so much food…but the list goes on and on. We snap pictures all the time to capture thousands of moments and memories. 

But then what do we do? We post these photos (cropped and edited and filtered versions of course) to social media. I’m definitely guilty as charged. It’s definitely not a bad thing but it’s also easy to forget that these images aren’t actually reality (can you tell I’m in philosophy?) Is that burger really that delicious? Are those five really that close of friends? Is their relationship really perfect? Is that sunset really #nofilter?

In all honesty, probably not. To all of the above. We know this, but we forget it constantly. Images are so powerful as we are such visual creatures, but they are just one moment in time. One glimpse. One snapshot. One click. One perfect angle. They don’t show or mean everything. Sometimes they don’t mean anything.

Now, that doesn’t mean that we should never take pictures or delete all our social accounts. But what about this? Maybe for every picture we post, let’s strengthen the actual moment in reality. Post a picture of a great friend – then tell him in person. Snap a selfie – then reflect on your current strengths and weaknesses. Photograph the sunset – then lay in silence for a few moments just to appreciate its beauty.

Let’s bring some meaning back into our photos. For a moment, let’s picture that world.


One comment

  1. Josh · March 24, 2015

    Like!!! Put the phone down and see the world!!

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