Miss Movin’ On

College graduation is in just a few short weeks. Holy crap. Just typing that seems surreal. It’s time to end a wonderful time in my life and begin an entire new chapter. Cue the nostalgia, smiles, tears, joy, anxiety, shock, and excitement for what’s to come.

The one weird thing about switching life phases is you can never bring everything from the last phase into your new one. Some friendships will last, and others will fade. Certain experiences must end while new ones lie just at your fingertips. Knowledge you can take with you, but you can’t go back and relearn the same information in the same environment.

Maybe that’s one of my favorite parts of life, though. It is and will always be ever-changing. Well it’s definitely good for the ADD person I am. It’s a time to begin again, applying all you’ve learned up until this point of course. A time to take those leaps of faith. To grow closer with those you value the most, to keep in touch with anyone who’s helped you along the way, and to finally let go of a toxic relationship. You’ll thank yourself later. Have a plan, have a back-up plan (or two), and just get going. You’ll figure it out! You’re moving on.


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