Beyond the Screen

What was my favorite part of today? Singing to Billy Joel’s Piano Man on the radio might have been it. Laughing with my sister over lunch was a close second. But honestly it had to have been later this afternoon, when I was running errands.

I’m in the checkout line at Target (a weekly occurrence, really) and I’m waiting behind some guy with 25 grocery items, casually stealing glances at what he’s buying out of curiosity while also wondering what in the world the “birthday cake” flavored gum on the candy rack would taste like. I know, thrilling. Anyhow, the cashier comments about some kind of butterscotch cookie this customer is buying and it turns into a full-blown conversation about how the cashier doesn’t usually eat junk food but loves these cookies, and even more than that? Cheesecake. He’s going on about cheesecake to this guy in front of me who’s politely uttering “yeah” and “same” every so often while I can’t help but listen and crack a smile.

Finally, the customer in front of me finishes paying and as the cashier is now ringing up my items, I just say “I love cheesecake too.” And he just lights up again, and describes how it’s his absolute weakness and how he could spend an entire paycheck at Cheesecake Factory. 

“Have a great day!” 

“You too!”

I’m walking out of Target into the downpour smiling just a bit brighter. 

I could have gone to the self-checkout. Honestly that’s my usual routine. But I didn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t. Here’s to whoever that cashier was who values human interaction and wants to connect with people, wants to see them smile. That simple conversation honestly was my favorite part of today. Just imagine for a minute if we acted a bit more like he did in that moment. A little less selfish, a little more positive, maybe even a little more silly with one another. Not behind a screen but rather beyond it. 

And sir, I hope you enjoyed some cheesecake tonight.


One comment

  1. Skydreamer · June 9, 2015

    Awe what a happy day 🙂


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