Well I’ve officially been 22 for over a week. It’s the first age that sounds grown up…yet my life is far from the grown up, planned-out, destined track I figured I’d be on at this point. Heck, I’m not even on a track. A far better metaphor would be that I’m spinning around aimlessly on a distant grass field. But that only makes me more determined to live a 22nd year that is nothing less than fantastic.

And how do you quantify a great year? If college taught me anything, it was to make goals. So I believe this a great time to be cliché and think of 22 goals to aim for while I’m 22. (We’ll see how far I get…)

1. Pursue the next step in my career path. Whatever that may be.

2. Keep planning for my own business. Don’t be afraid for an idea to change and grow.

3. Make my biggest adult purchase yet. I’m thinking a new car is what I’ll most likely need this year. (No, Dad not a sports car…)

4. Try out a new hobby. This past year was blogging.

5. Stick to a new workout plan for a week, change it up and stay with that for a while, mix it up again, repeat.

6. Eat very healthy for one week (I’m talking no “bad” foods) and see if I can really tell a difference in my physical/mental/emotional health.

7. Eat only junk food for a day. Or only cake. And wine. It can be more than one day. The possibilities are endless.

8. Join a community choir. I miss singing!

9. Visit my grandparents. Help them out when I can.

10. Go on as many adventures as possible with my best friends and roommates. Who knows where we’ll be in a year.

11. Track above adventures somehow. Journal? Scrapbook? Collection of snapchat stories? Whatever works.

12. Be a little more religious. Maybe go to church more, maybe sing Christian songs in my free time, maybe learn a new religion.

13. Channel that sorority girl I attempted to be the last 3 years and paint something for my apartment. Something cute and cliché. And if it doesn’t look good, stick a print-out of Johnny Depp’s face on it. Problem solved.

14. Travel. To see all 40 states I haven’t yet by the time I’m 30 means 40/8 years = 5 per year. So look out, 5 new states!

15. Build my collection of items from each new place I visit. I’m thinking coffee mugs.

16. Take classes (possibly online?) about things I didn’t learn in college like app development.

17. Keep on keepin’ in touch with all my professional contacts and friends from places I’ve worked.

18. Read at least one book. Even if it’s written by Jim Gaffigan. (Yep, I’m not the world’s best reader)

19. Force myself out of the house 5 nights a week…even when Netflix is calling my name.

20. Grow closer with my sisters. Set lunch dates with mom at least once a month. Have dinner with dad more often or at least call him just because instead of when I have a problem.

21. Leave time for me. To go on random solo trips or start projects or lay around and do nothing.

22. …I can’t think of a 22nd goal at the moment but it’ll come to me! Maybe later today, maybe later this week, maybe later this year ~



  1. Jordan · July 9, 2015

    I might steal some of these goals for the next year! I love reading your posts because they put a bit of optimism into my life, and make me feel like I just spent time with you! ^_^ Keep up this hobby, it is totally worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Diana · July 9, 2015

      Thanks so much Jordan 🙂 You’re definitely a source of positivity in my life!


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