Lighten Up

You know what they say – laugh at yourself and you’ll never be unamused. Well I know I did this week when I realized that I left a voicemail explaining my excitement for a second interview not with the potential employer, but with the Best Buy sales associate who had called his phone with my new one just a few days ago to activate it. Yep. Just thinking about his reaction while he listens to that voicemail cracks me up right this minute.

Hmm let’s see, I also tried to open a locked door to a restaurant that was not an entrance but actually right next to a seated table…and the doors were glass. And I tripped on my way into Target the other day. And in each of these circumstances, I laughed. Out loud even. Bystanders probably thought I was insane. They probably aren’t far off.

Here’s the thing though, why do I remember all of these instances? After the initial embarrassment, they really are pretty funny. (And I’m easily amused.) But honestly moments like these can make you crack a smile after a tough morning or a stressful week. Let them! Lighten up, laugh a little. You can be your own worst enemy or you can be your own stand-up comedian. Or if you’re more like me, a fall-down comedian.


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