No Offense, Rihanna

Just a couple hours ago, I was walking out of a restaurant with two of my best friends into the pouring rain. Of course only one of us brought an umbrella and – no surprise here – it wasn’t me. So all three of us were trying (and failing) to fit under this umbrella, when I finally gave up and walked unsheltered from the weather. And as my two friends huddled together under the umbrella I sprinted across the street, and, since I was already quite drenched at this point, I began spinning in the parking lot. Arms outstretched, smiling to the sky, epic classical soundtrack-style music playing. Okay there was no music, but it was in my head. Does that count?

I watched my friends squeal and run to the car, and thought to myself how I lucky I am to know them. I laughed as I slipped in my sandals and almost fell to the pavement. I looked up and thought about how happy I am right now. How much my life, though not planned out in the slightest, seems to be coming slowly together. Or building into something great. Or both. I thought about how excited I am for what lies ahead, even in just tomorrow. If that’s not a reason to dance in the rain, what is?

I love to seize the moment, and take it all in. Sometimes, though, we just gotta step out of the umbrella-ella-ella (cue Rihanna) and let the moment seize us.


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