Wait…System Upgrading

How would I describe the current world we live in? One word comes to mind and that word is upgrade. We are continually seeking the next upgrade. At least we’re supposed to be. Our screens need to be bigger, our cameras sharper, our devices sleeker. Our bodies must be slimmer and our workouts more intense. Our meals at home must be healthier but the restaurant dishes we order must have more flavor, more combinations, more food. Our companies need to be larger, our pockets deeper, our homes bigger, and our cars newer. We need more friends, more connections, more followers, more likes, more shares. We must consistently spice up our relationships and our lives. We have to be happier, healthier, and stronger versions of ourselves. We need more. We want more. We cannot and will not settle.

Honestly, it’s great to aim for all of these things. But it seems in the midst of all of these upgrades, we are driving ourselves insane. I see stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mental disorders, physical disorders, and any kind of disorder we can classify. I see social media posts that glorify beauty and hide reality. I see exhaustion and hopelessness.

But above all, I see opportunity.
I think it’s time for a system upgrade. Yep, I’m talking to you, America. We’ve lived the lifestyle of upgrades – we’ve tested this marketing campaign, in other words. And we need a new one. 

Let’s do some research (Which countries are living happier?)

Let’s collaborate our intelligence (interpersonal, logical, musical, spatial – we’ll need all different ways of thinking)

Let’s start a strong and positive thinktank or core change team. (Leaders of government, leaders of innovative companies, leaders of small family-owned businesses, teachers, psychiatrists, receptionists, or factory workers. An effective, small, diverse team who all see a new vision and can lead us there.)

We’re ready for a newly focused lifestyle that builds upon our past but with lessened side effects. We’re ready for a change. One last upgrade. Who’s with me?


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