About Time

It was almost 2pm today, and I had jumped head-first into my multiple projects, I was eagerly awaiting 5:00 and all the weekend festivities yet to come…and it was definitely time for more coffee. But as I walked into the company kitchen for more of my favorite beverage, I noticed a not-so-young yet not-so-old (I’m terrible at guessing age) coworker sitting at the table enjoying a late lunch.

He seemed to be intensely focusing on something and as I glanced to see what it was, I realized it was a Sudoku. You know, the number puzzle. I don’t think I have ever had a conversation with this man before, but I had to say something now! In middle and high school, I loved those puzzles, and just looking at one brought back so many memories. Memories of my older sister and I racing to finish one. Buying books filled with them for car rides, study halls, and sometimes after school when I didn’t have volleyball practice. (Gotta embrace the inner nerd, right?)

Anyways, I was curious and decided to strike up a conversation with my coworker today right there in the kitchen. I listened as he shared his passion for Sudoku with me. His eyes lit up when he realized I used to love it too. We shared some brief stories and strategies, and I went back to my desk with a smile.

This moment wasn’t anything that special but it was just another reason to love people, even amidst the many who let us down. It was just another reason to smile. It was just another time of day, but most definitely a matter of timing. I love that about life.


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