5 Strategies to Survive Your Super-Long Layover

Let’s say it’s 10:20pm on a Thursday. And your last flight has been delayed. Twice. You’re stuck in an airport you’ve never been, you’re alone, and all of the stores and restaurants are closing up for the night.

You have 2 options. One: anger. Two: opportunity. Tonight, I chose the latter. Why not?

And so, I present you the 5 strategies to surviving your super-long layover. Aka here’s what my solution was. Take it with a grain of salt or make mental notes for next time:

1) Caffeinate. When faced with the choice between adventure and sleep, I almost always choose adventure. Sleeping is a great alternative but if you choose the adventure route, you’re gonna need some energy (because you’re definitely running on empty like me). Not too much to keep you up all night, but just enough to make it through the next 3 hours. My choice? Diet coke. Listen to pump-up songs and spin in an empty gate for some additional natural caffeine. I did.

2) Master the walking sidewalk. Isn’t it one of the most difficult things to get on and off a walking sidewalk smoothly? Well now’s your chance to change that! Face your fears! You can do this!

3) Try to make eye contact with a pilot. Fail. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me. But hey, I still got to watch the actual entire process of a plane taking off. It’s an art for sure. Plus the lit runway is absolutely beautiful at night. And stuck in an airport gives you front row seats.

4) Leave random notes. Nice ones, ideally. I had a few notebooks and pens with me, and decided to drop a few brief positive words around the vacant terminals. Maybe a stranger will smile. Most likely an employee will pitch them. It’s alright, I won’t take it personally.

5) Blog about it. Blogging definitely passes time. Also, there are almost no blogs about fun things to do when stranded in an airport. Believe me, I googled it earlier. So maybe this blog will get some solid SEO and reach the top search results. Probably not, but it’s worth a shot >>


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