Rocket (Wo)man

The other night while aimlessly driving to chase the sunset, I glanced over to see something clinging to the outside of my driver’s window. It was a grasshopper. I figured as I kept driving it would surely lose grip, but oddly enough that was not the case. I arrived home a little while later, and the grasshopper was still clenched onto my window with its slender green legs. I wasn’t sure if I should be proud of the little guy or feel bad for probably terrifying it. Did grasshoppers even get terrified? I mean, I have no idea.

But for some reason I couldn’t – and still can’t – shake that image from my mind. Why didn’t it just let go? I am nowhere near an insect expert but thanks to the worldwide web, I know for sure that grasshoppers do have wings. Apparently, they have incredibly strong wings that allow them to travel long distances in search of food and mates. So maybe it was the world’s laziest grasshopper.

Or the most determined. On any given day, I wouldn’t have given a second thought to this whole encounter. But oddly enough, a central theme of my week (year, even) has been letting go. Times change and people change. And most importantly, we change ourselves. Maybe a part of growing up is embracing it. Just because something was once good for us doesn’t mean it is anymore. And that thing we used to hate or swear we’d never do? Maybe now it makes sense.

Now I don’t think life is or should regularly be that abrupt. But there are times when we’ll come to a fork in the road. When do we hold on and when do we let go? Take some time and look within. You’ll figure it out. And if I was that grasshopper? You bet I’d be flying!

Which reminds me of a favorite phrase that’s actually on a necklace given to me by a dear friend: “With brave wings I’m flying.” It’s more than a phrase – it’s a state of mind.


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