Pulling. Them. Off.

Raise of hands ladies – who’s ever walked into a clothing store, seen a wildly vibrant and unconventional top or pair of shoes, and said “Well I can’t pull that off.” I’ll put both hands up. I used to say this all the time. I’ve never been exclusively concerned with fashion, but I don’t ignore it either. Well, except for a longer-than-I’d-like-to-confess phase in early high school that consisted of jeans, 3 sweatshirts on rotate, and elastic headbands. I blame volleyball and my stubborn need to stand out from my dress-wearing older sister.

But what does fashion even mean? Now that I’ve lived through 2 decades, I understand that trends cycle and recycle (i.e. jeans styles). Our personal style, however, is completely, and obviously, up to us. And with endless options to choose from, our clothing is one of the best snapshots of who we are as an individual. We wear the fabrics, shapes, colors, and patterns that we feel good in. That we feel the most like ourselves. Or our best self even. We wear what we feel most confident in.

And I’ve realized that confidence is key to clothing. So why would we ever say that we couldn’t pull something off? The truth is we can pull off anything we want. It just takes confidence, disregard for negative comments from others, and possibly a little spunk. And this doesn’t apply to just clothing styles – it applies to the careers we choose, the hobbies we enjoy, the dreams we pursue. Maybe we should all take a moment to learn from good ol’ Ted Mosby. His best friends for years put him down for his purchase of red cowboy boots, but does he falter in his confidence of wearing them? Not even once. He pulls them over his jeans, struts across the room, ignores multiple eye rolls, and says three words each time: “Pulling. Them. Off.” Remember that next time you see an unconventional pair of leggings, think of a unique idea, or learn of an unusual new opportunity. Channel your inner confidence and you sure as heck can pull anything off.


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