I absolutely love going on walks, and I realize that probably makes me sound like I’m 60. But it’s my favorite time to explore, reflect, dream, and hope no one is too close behind so I can hum and/or sing along to the song I’m listening to. For a moment, I can soak in every part of the raw, unfiltered world around me – and that can be a rare occurrence.

Take this morning, for example. Strolling through downtown Columbus with Elton John in my ear, I was looking up into all of the surrounding beauty. I gazed at the infinitely tall buildings, the handful of trees in prime fall colors, and the bright morning sun as I walked on cracked sidewalks and fallen dead leaves while feeling the sting of the brisk fall breeze. I passed smiling couples walking hand-in-hand to brunch and noticed individuals who may not be able to eat today. I stopped for a minute to take in the city skyline. I tip-toed around the sidewalk near a few bars to avoid stepping on what I can only assume was vomit. I unintentionally sensed the balance.

Balance is good. It may be one of the best one-word definitions of life. But don’t quote a twenty-two year old on that one. I do know that my life is its own balance. It isn’t all wonderful, but there is good. There is also not-so-good. We can hide our adversity from others if we want to, but the world can’t quite filter in the same way. And that is the primary reason I love to observe it – one walk at a time.


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