I Like to Move It (Move It)

Not too long ago I was sitting in the audience of an OSU concert, immersing myself in the music, when I noticed I couldn’t take my eyes off the conductor. No, not because of some physical feature of his, but because of his physical movement. Arms in the air, head nodding to the beat, legs swaying back and forth – the conductor was anything but still. Perhaps he was trying to put on a show, but I believe his energy was involuntary; his passion for the music, the moment, his career, was effortlessly and uncontrollably speaking through his body language.

How incredible is that? I’ve witnessed the same in kneeling basketball coaches and pacing professors. In ministers with hands reaching high and artists with eyes tightly shut. I love seeing passion flow through others. I love perceiving someone who is filled with such excitement and energy from doing what they love that they literally cannot control it. It’s inspiring, it’s mesmerizing, and best of all? It’s real.

And when that coach sees the clock run out, when the artist completes her painting, when the conductor hears the final note of his song, they are exhausted. At the end of the day, that’s how I want to feel. That I exerted so much passion in my career and in my relationships that I am utterly drained. But only until I’m immersed in a new task, idea, or moment in which I can’t possibly sit still.


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