Happy This Year

Well, we’re almost five full days into 2016. Who’s beginning to achieve their new years resolutions? Who’s written, or said aloud, or sang, or even briefly thought about what their new years resolutions might be? Who has already given up on the grand plan towards the well-rehearsed phrase “new year, new me?” Who falls into none of these categories? Same here.

Don’t get me wrong, I like setting goals. I cherish the present, but I can’t help my mind from wandering into the future. And “Where will I be?” quickly transitions to “Where do I want to be?” and then finally “How will I get there?” I set goals for my career and for business(es) I may own. I set goals for all relationships in my life – to strengthen most and perhaps hinder a few. Most importantly, I set goals for my own health, and places I want to travel, and subjects I want to learn…and really just about everything. The most meaningful ones are written down, and the others are scribbled on post-its, typed in iPhone notes, and primarily lodged in my memory.

But I do not set these goals on January 1st. I add, subtract, change, and re-prioritize them all the time. It seems life is constantly shifting, but real, positive change takes time. And hold your breath – but the resolution itself may take more than 365 days for you to be happy with the result. And that’s okay! We can’t possibly be a whole new person in a short amount of time, and we may have different goals in just a few months.

Let’s just keep trying to be happier and healthier (which is usually our underlying objective) one goal, one moment, one interaction at at time and not worry so much about entire years at a time. After all, once it is January 2nd, or even as it hits 12:00:01am on January 1st, the year isn’t new but it’s now. It’s this year. Let’s raise a toast to a happy this year. We can’t know right now the multiple resolutions we’ll set out to achieve in the time ahead. But we do know the ones we’re already working towards at this moment, on this day, of this year. *Cheers*


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