One Hit Wonders

This rainy but not so dreary evening, I’m driving from place to place and clicking between radio stations as often as my windshield wipers clear the dashboard. It’s been a good day and a good night already up to this moment, and then I hear that first chord beginning Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherrie.” I just love that song.

So naturally I’m turning the volume dial up each chorus, and singing the words I know and the ones I’ve made up to one of the catchiest 80’s tunes, and I know I’m wearing the goofiest grin. But now I’m not even thinking about the song, but just how entirely, effortlessly happy I am in this minute. Don’t worry, I’m still singing – and quite loudly – but I’m thinking of many reasons why I love my life right now.

It’s Tuesday and one step closer to Friday. In about an hour I’ll be devouring my favorite salmon salad for dinner. I accomplished quite a bit at work today. I really like my job. I have an amazing boss. I’m thankful for all of the incredible supervisors and teachers and mentors I’ve had. I’m happy I’ve kept in touch with most. I love my family. I love that I have more time to spend with them now that I’m out of college. I have inspiring, wonderful friends I look up to and have fun with and bounce ideas off of.

Well that got deep for a Steve Perry song. I guess I just got lost in – or really transcended – the moment. Just the other day I was in Barnes and Noble reading this philosophy book and I remember this passage stated that the word ecstasy in Greek means to be outside of yourself. I’m not sure if my brief but intense spurt of happiness tonight falls under that definition but it just might.

Either way, I’d recommend the feeling. Maybe (most likely) it’ll be a different trigger for you but when it happens and you’re blissfully happy for that second, hold on, hold on…🎶


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