It Takes 2 to Tango, But 1 to Polka

I have this sweater. I’ve had this sweater for many years now. It’s one of my favorites. It’s comfy but dressy if I want it to be, and best of all it has these big turquoise polka dots on it. It’s great for a quick outfit because, well, it makes the outfit. Knowing me I’ll probably throw another pattern with it but the polka dots still take precedence.

So naturally I reached for it yesterday morning because I’d slept in a little too late to sift through my closet, and it was Monday, and sometimes you just need a bit of an extra boost in addition to that first cup of coffee. 

Fast forward to about 2pm as I’m headed towards the break room at work singing Viva La Vida in my head (because what better playlist to listen to on a Monday than one titled “Uplifting Pop Motivation”). While fighting the urge to hum along to Coldplay and filling my tumbler with 75% ice/25% water, a coworker of mine breaks my concentration to say that she loves my sweater. I smile and say thanks and explain that it’s a bit aged, but she continues to express her love for polka dots. She says that without fail polka dots brighten her day.

I’m thankful for her compliment, but more than that her comment makes me think. What is my “polka dot?” What is something that always, hands-down, no matter what makes me smile? Do I have more than one? Does it vary per day? Is it something or can it be someone?

There are so many moments I love in life. But most of the time I’m smiling – and I mean the authentic, eye-crinkling, cheek-burning kind of smile – it’s in response to one of the many amazing people I’m honored to know. New goal? Each day to be a polka dot for someone else. To brighten a moment without fail, without expectation, without an angle •


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