Around 2pm today, gathered around a restaurant table with one great friend I’ve known for 17+ years and three individuals who were complete strangers just a few minutes ago, a beer in one hand, a pair of dice in the other as I laugh off the fact that I’m terribly losing this board game we’re playing…click.

Tiptoeing around browsing customers in order to leave a bookstore this morning because my sister and I are probably a bit too loud catching up on random stories we haven’t had time to tell each other…click.

Driving excitedly to see two wonderful friends last evening, turning up the radio to blast “Funkytown” above the hail storm…click.

Enjoying a movie theater yesterday afternoon, looking over to see Grandma laughing so hard she’s crying…click.

These are just four of many many favorite moments this weekend. Moments I don’t have real photos of but compiled candid snapshots in my mind. Moments I want to remember, most of them simple, random, happy.

After taking a Cognitive Psychology class in college, the human mind makes even less sense to me so I’m not sure if these mental photos are forever in my long term memory, or only reachable again through future connections, or (most likely) will fade out slowly. But I guess that’s not the point. I don’t need to remember every detailed time I was happy in the past two days, or weeks, or months, and so on. What I want to remember is that I consciously took notice of the times I was genuinely happy – and that it was too many to count.

Moments can pass by too quickly and time is far too often taken for granted. At 22 I already feel like time is flying and I don’t intend on wasting it. I want to remember that I was aware of the happy times spent with wonderful people and on my own, in simple occasions and great adventures. Not every moment is good and not every thought is positive, and this makes it all the more important to take a mental note of when they are. So the next time authentic happiness strikes…smile, click, save, return.


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