ˈtwen-tē : ˈthrē

Just today I’ve experienced so many small, happy, incredible, fleeting moments, let alone this week so far. This month? Too many to count. This past year? It’s been one heck of an amazing ride, that’s for sure. I am incredibly blessed by so many friendships, experiences, and new beginnings. My heart is full.

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote this blog listing a few goals I wanted to accomplish while 22. And reading these now, it’s most definitely been a year of growth…let’s see what we checked off, shall we?

1. Pursue the next step in my career path. Whatever that may be.

If I told myself a year ago where I’d be now – within an amazing company surrounded by many wonderful leaders and friends – well, I probably wouldn’t have believed it.

2. Keep planning for my own business. Don’t be afraid for an idea to change and grow.

Still working on this one, but I’m much closer than before to an idea I love enough to put in every extra bit of time and effort I have.

3. Make my biggest adult purchase yet. I’m thinking a new car is what I’ll most likely need this year. (No, Dad not a sports car…)

The car is on my radar for fall. But so far my largest purchase has been furnishings for my new apartment. Wait – my plane trip to Vegas last fall may have been more.

4. Try out a new hobby. This past year was blogging.

Hmm…hobby. Still don’t totally get what all falls under the word hobby. I started playing softball through work, does that count? Also finally found an awesome Columbus volunteering group that I absolutely love.

5. Stick to a new workout plan for a week, change it up and stay with that for a while, mix it up again, repeat.

I could amp up my morning workouts for sure. We’ll get there.

6. Eat very healthy for one week (I’m talking no “bad” foods) and see if I can really tell a difference in my physical/mental/emotional health.

Honestly I could probably never eat everything “good” for an entire week. But thanks to new friends and no more college and living on a budget, my diet has improved (at least M-Th) and I am honestly happier for it. I like being healthy and I also still really like cake and wine.

7. Eat only junk food for a day. Or only cake. And wine. It can be more than one day. The possibilities are endless.

Check. Check check check check. See point above^

8. Join a community choir. I miss singing!

I have my eye on a few! Maybe this year I’ll push past the waitlist(s).

9. Visit my grandparents. Help them out when I can.

I absolutely love you three and this goal will never be checked off.

10. Go on as many adventures as possible with my best friends and roommates. Who knows where we’ll be in a year.

Times change and friendships change with it. They either strengthen and grow or fade to make room for new ones! I could not feel luckier for the downright awesome people I’ve grown to love over the past few months or many years – and the adventures we’ve shared.

11. Track above adventures somehow. Journal? Scrapbook? Collection of snapchat stories? Whatever works.

…Does my mind count?

12. Be a little more religious. Maybe go to church more, maybe sing Christian songs in my free time, maybe learn a new religion.

I walked into a new church I’ve never been to just two months ago and it already feels like home. I have a feeling this is going to stick.

13. Channel that sorority girl I attempted to be the last 3 years and paint something for my apartment. Something cute and cliché. And if it doesn’t look good, stick a print-out of Johnny Depp’s face on it. Problem solved.

Now that I have my very own place, I can see this happening soon 🙂 (I did paint an owl that looks a little devilish and named him Lou but I’m not sure if that counts).

14. Travel. To see all 40 states I haven’t yet by the time I’m 30 means 40/8 years = 5 per year. So look out, 5 new states!

I believe 2 new states are checked off so far. Stay tuned for more to come!

15. Build my collection of items from each new place I visit. I’m thinking coffee mugs.

Check on the coffee mug collecting. Probably cliche on one hand, but on the other, they never go out of style.

16. Take classes (possibly online?) about things I didn’t learn in college like app development.

Finished one web development class a week ago!! I mean beginner of all beginner levels. Actually, I should probably retake it…

17. Keep on keepin’ in touch with all my professional contacts and friends from places I’ve worked.

Um, DUH. You guys rock and are some of my greatest role models and friends.

18. Read at least one book. Even if it’s written by Jim Gaffigan. (Yep, I’m not the world’s best reader)

Reading is not on the top of my list yet. Is there a “How to get back into reading?” class? If not, this goal may just keep continuing. Wait! I did read a memoir written by my grandma this year!

19. Force myself out of the house 5 nights a week…even when Netflix is calling my name.

Haha, try 7. I’m the farthest thing from a homebody.

20. Grow closer with my sisters. Set lunch dates with mom at least once a month. Have dinner with dad more often or at least call him just because instead of when I have a problem.

Check (but maybe ask them too). Check, but lunch with mom is more often wine with mom. And check – Dad and I have a place in mind already for our next dinner! Family means a heck of a lot to me.

21. Leave time for me. To go on random solo trips or start projects or lay around and do nothing.

Always! Aimless walks with headphones just a bit louder than necessary is my go-to.

22. …I can’t think of a 22nd goal at the moment but it’ll come to me! Maybe later today, maybe later this week, maybe later this year ~

Goal for this year: end blog posts better than the above^

That, and to follow each day Georgia Byrd’s unfailing advice (from the classic movie Last Holiday ©2006): “We will laugh more, we’ll love more; we just won’t be so afraid.” AMEN QUEEN LATIFAH.



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