Go Ahead

I’m not sure if this has ever happened before.

This morning, I’m standing on the corner waiting to cross the street to work and humming along to the song I’m listening to. And then the lyrics that happen to include “go” play in my ears at the exact moment the walk sign changes to the ever-familiar man, arms and legs outstretched. I mean, seriously, the timing could NOT have been more in sync.


And as I stepped onto the pavement, I stopped for two thirds of a second, I grinned right then and there, looked up in the middle of the street, bangs tangled in the humid morning air, trying not to drop my lunch/coffee/purse for the day. I felt like spinning around. I looked up to see 10 seconds on the timer, so I went with my better judgement.

But that tiny fraction of a moment stuck with me all day. I tried to think of what this ‘symbol’ could mean, just for fun. Go for it? On the go? Let go? I experienced feelings relating to each of those phrases today, and each time I again remembered that small but powerful and inspiring coincidence this morning.

What is inspiration? One definition I like is “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.” It does not have to be drastic, but just a thought that you want to do something with, to act upon, to wrestle within your mind. Sometimes we search for inspiration, sometimes we just come across it, and sometimes we get to go ahead and create our own.


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