I’ve Got A Feeling

“What is your very favorite sensory experience for each of the five human senses?” I remember my existentialist high school classmate asked me one cold December bus ride to our holiday choir performance. I took a sip of hot chocolate and grinned.

“I-I don’t know.” I remember the question really caught me off guard. I was not surprised as this boy – we’ll call him Adam – always liked to get under our skins with tough questions and snarky remarks. And yet again I didn’t know how to respond. I’m quirky and imaginative and talkative by nature, but when someone asks me something deep, I want to take my time in my response. And for the remainder of the bus ride, I never gave an answer. The conversation continued and Adam probably does not even recall asking this question. For some reason, though, it stuck with me. And just last week, this question creeped back into my mind.

“What is your very favorite sensory experience for each of the five human senses?”

…To tell you the truth I still do not have a concrete answer. There are FAR too many choices, in my opinion. But I did challenge myself to ponder this for an entire two days. And here’s what I came up with of the senses I endured during those 48 hours.

Feel: Wearing socks just out of the dryer before they’ve had a chance to cool.

Hear: Walking to the mesmerizing pitter-patter of rain drops hitting my umbrella.

See: Glancing upwards to find one golden ray of sunlight shining through, touching each layer of tree leaves in the same yet entirely different manner.

Smell: Inhaling freshly baked pumpkin crunch cake in the small confines of my car for 20 entire minutes en route to a friend’s house.

Taste: Sipping that first drink of dark roast coffee when just getting to the office.

And there were so many more. But these were the moments, senses, experiences that stuck just a bit more. The best part of these two days? I was even more in tune to the world. Even more focused on the minute pleasures in life. I found myself being grateful every moment that I not only have these five senses, but am able to enjoy each one of them every single day. I’ve got a feeling I’ll continue to do my best to be more sense-itive to my surroundings. (Get it hahaha) But in all seriousness, I urge you to try it. Also, Adam, wherever you may be in life at this moment – shout out to you.


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